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How To Be A Good Real Estate Agent

This article is about how to be a good real estate agent.The real estate agent sells and rents apartments, houses and commercial or industrial premises. Holder of a professional card issued by the prefect, he is the intermediary between the two parties of each transaction.

Business Description
The real estate agent’s primary objective is to obtain sales or lease mandates . For this, it evaluates property ( apartments , houses …) and prospects its potential customers.House For Rents

Once the assets are valued, the real estate agent disseminates the information about these properties in the form of classified advertisements to be published in the press, on the Internet and at the head office of the agency .

At the request of potential buyers or tenants, he visits apartments or houses and advises visitors. If the visitor is interested, the real estate agent enters into negotiations with the owner of the housing and leads the real estate transaction to completion.Property management companies Greenville NC where you can find your dream home.

How To Be A Good Real Estate Agent


In case of sale of real estate , the real estate agent may be responsible for drafting the preliminary contract, which precedes the act of sale itself. He then checks the information necessary for the good progress of the project (property titles of the seller, detailed description of housing …) and assists the client in its complementary research: planning certificates, mortgages, loan formulas, credit conditions …

Many real estate agents are also property managers. As such, they are charged by the owners of the management of the buildings entrusted to them (rents, charges, leases …), but also of all the maintenance tasks.

The real estate agent splits his time between his agency and the various properties to visit. There are many trips, and work schedules are irregular.

The real estate agent must have solid legal, commercial and technical knowledge, as well as a keen sense of psychology to convince and carry out the negotiations.Houses For Sale

Education / Training to become a Real Estate Agent / Real Estate Agent
To become a real estate agent , the minimum required is a bac + 2. Examples of training required to become a real estate agent:

professional real estate license : property management and administration,
professional license real estate professions: management and development of real estate assets,
real estate professional license: real estate transaction and commercialization,
license pro legal activities specialty professions of real estate law;

A real estate agent receives free fees calculated as a percentage (5 to 7% on average) on the amount of transactions. The amount of global transactions being extremely variable from one agency to another, the revenues are also extremely variable.

How To Be A Good Real Estate Agent


Career developments
After a few years of experience, a real estate agent can specialize in a type of property (industrial real estate, luxury real estate, life, rural and forestry businesses …) or create his own agency.

The real estate agent connects a real estate owner and a candidate to buy or rent. Mobile, persuasive, rigorous and organized, the real estate agent works most often in a real estate agency. After a degree in real estate from Bac +2 to Bac +5, he tries to fit into a context unfavorable. How to become a Real Estate Agent? Find here the missions, necessary training, remuneration of this profession.Dream Homes

Mission: Real Estate Agent
A real estate agent is an intermediary between an owner and a purchaser of real estate . His role is to be mandated by an owner willing to sell or rent his property. Once under contract, it will aim to find a buyer or a lessor and relay the offer or lease to the owner.

Role of the real estate agent:

Real intermediary between a seller and a buyer or between a lessor and a person looking for a lease, the real estate agent must, under the responsibility of the director of his real estate agency , carry out certain missions :

• search for real estate(apartments, houses, businesses, offices) for sale or for rent,
• sign a mandate with the landlord,Real Estate Agent
• define with the landlord the sale or rental price and, if applicable, the cost of expenses,
• place advertisements and display the properties available in his office,
• to visit the property to the purchaser or to the person wishing to rent the unit,
• collecting the bids or applications submitted by candidates for hire,
• ensure the sufficient income for the real estate applicants,
• present the purchase offers or tenant files to the owner,
• inform the purchaser or the lease-holder of the landlord’s decision,
• accompany both parties in the signing of the sales agreement or lease ,
• give the keys to the new owner or tenant and, if necessary, write a statement places of real estate.

How To Be A Good Real Estate Agent


Become a Real Estate Agent: Qualities required
The real estate agent , to achieve renting or selling a property, must have several qualities. One of the first is his mobility. Being able to move around easily is essential because a real estate agent goes on outside appointments throughout the day. In the provinces, having a driving license is mandatory and owning a car or two-wheeler, especially in big cities, a plus.Houses For Rent

The taste of human contact and the spirit of persuasion are other qualities essential to the exercise of the profession of real estate agent. Indeed, this intermediary must first persuade the owner to entrust the sale or lease of his property but also convince the visitor of the virtues of the property in question.
The real estate agent can not be satisfied with being mobile and good commercial. This work also requires a certain rigor. Good knowledge of real estate law and the evolution of the legislation is imperative to advise the owners, buyers and candidates for the lease. To manage a busy schedule, the real estate agent must finally have organizational skills.

Real estate agent: career / possibility of evolution:
After obtaining the diploma giving right to the constitution of the professional card , a real estate agent often begins his career as an employee of a real estate agency . Depending on the size of the agency, the real estate professional is, most of the time, in charge of the properties for rent. He may also have to go to the surrounding buildings to sign new warrants contracts . As his experience and development of his network, he can become a real estate negotiator and manage more profitable transactions . According to his ambitions, a real estate agent can also take the lead of an agency or even start his own business.Best Homes For You

Become a Real Estate Agent: Training Needed
From Bac +2 to Bac +5, several courses make it possible to become a real estate agent . One can exercise this trade with a diploma of commercial to Bac +2. It is nevertheless preferable to hold a BTS real estate professions. This diploma can possibly be passed alternately. Ideal for practicing theoretical courses, this training makes it easier to find work. It is also possible to continue your studies by obtaining a pro license specialized in real estate. Some advanced courses such as the master pro real estate law and housing, real estate law or urban planning and construction, will give you superior knowledge. To specialize in a specific field of real estate, there are also masters project management and property management or management of heritage and real estate. Finally a diploma of the ESPI , the higher school of real estate professions, turns out to be a real asset.Real Estate Agents

Situation of the profession / context to become a real estate agent
The morose real estate market since the international crisis is harmful to the activity of real estate agencies . Despite very low interest rates, buyers of real estate are becoming increasingly rare. As a result, the closures of real estate agencies are multiplying. It is therefore difficult in this context to find a real estate agent . The real estate agencies that are the most resilient are those that also manage a portfolio of rental housing .

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