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Our today topic is what is rental management?We will talk about the rental management.The rental management is the act of taking over the management of a property for rent. This concerns the property in question, its stakeholders as well as its visibility on the targeted rental market.In our property management Greenville NC we have a good solutions for you to get properties on rent.

Save in serenity, our teams take care of everything!

Why choose Rental Management?

Rental management is not mandatory, but it takes time, and solid legal and real estate knowledge.

Pure Rental Management includes in its fees the following services:

The tenant search
The inventory of fixtures by independent experts
The release of rents
The regulation of the expenses of co-ownership
The delegation of rental management of your property to a professional ensures you a rental in the best conditions.

Our specializes in rental management and is at your side to manage your investment.
The implication, the control of the stakes related to the rental investments, the availability and the durability of our teams place your imperatives at the highest level and participate in a management in all serenity.

Our experience gives us the opportunity today to go further and rethink our business. We are indeed convinced that the valuation of a property can be done by optimizing its day-to-day management, but also by adding a range of new services and services, sources of well-being for the tenant.


For 20 years, all of our businesses have been managing rental property and monitoring property.

Our teams of professionals through a rental management mandate , manage every day all that is necessary for the smooth running of the rental of your property: search for tenants, collection of rents, delivery of receipts, various repairs, regularization of charges, etc. .WHAT IS RENTAL MANAGEMENT?

The management of the property acquired requires good control of the laws that govern rental management.
Choosing to trust our rental managers , will allow you to lighten the tasks related to the management of a property such as the selection of tenants, the management of the inventory of entry and exit, the drafting of leases, the negotiation of an insurance that will cover the risks of unpaid rent, etc.

Rental management: definition and details

Rental management is defined by all the activities that consist in taking charge of the daily management of a real estate rental. The most common rental management missions are:

Rental study

Receipt of goods and monitoring of the lifting of reserves
Research and establishment of serious tenant
Visit accompanied by tenants by a negotiator
Administrative management of the property for rent
Protection and legal representation related to disputes arising from leases up to € 10,000
Proposal for an insurance:
Renting holiday up to 3 months rent
Guarantees against unpaid rent Real estate deterioration
Regulation of co-ownership charges with the trustee
Monthly payment of rents
Customized customer area:
Notice of expiry
Help with tax declaration!
Management accounts!


Rental management is an activity that can be conducted directly by the landlord, provided that the latter has time to devote to it. In the majority of cases, the owner delegates the rental management of his property to a third person. The rental manager or the property manager, is the professional who takes over the management of the property (s) of the owner and this throughout the duration of the lease. In order to carry out its missions, the rental manager will scrupulously follow the lease management mandate.. This last element is a formal contract that links the owner and the rental manager and specifically mentions the tasks that must be performed by the rental management professional during the lease. A number of rental management fees will have to be taken into account.WHAT IS RENTAL MANAGEMENT?

Knowing the laws governing the real estate sector, property managers know their job perfectly and are always on the cutting edge of the latest legislative developments.

The Definition Of Rental Management By Our Team

This is a job that consists of offering all the necessary help to an owner, so that the latter can rent his property safely.

To do this, our advisers go beyond simply managing your real estate. They choose with you the best to take your rental project as successful as possible.

Among the various services that we offer:

We first realize a comprehensive study of the rental market that interests you and the different types of housing that compose it. We will then make every effort to promote your property and find the right tenant.

In addition to day-to-day management by our best rental managers, our agency offers its customers additional guarantees. Unpaid rent or costs related to any damage, are taken care of by us.

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